Rezept klassischer Kuchen

Classic Cake


cake tin of 1 liter

200 grams all purpose flour
6 grams of baking powder
200 grams (cream) butter
200 grams of eggs (= 4 pieces)
200 grams of brown sugar
juice of 1/2 lime
Preparation method:

Set the oven to 150 C (preferably not on the hot air setting, but on even heating).
Grease the cake tin well with some butter
Put the eggs and brown sugar in a mixing bowl and mix until a light batter has formed. Take the eggs out of the fridge a while in advance.
Let the butter melt gently, but do not brown.
Fold the butter into the egg mixture.
Then fold in the lime juice.
Then add the flour using a sieve. Do this in parts and fold carefully into the batter.
Immediately put the batter in the cake tin and place in the preheated oven.
The baking time is 60 minutes, but sometimes the cake needs a little longer to be properly cooked and brown. It is crucial in baking a cake that you do not open the oven until the cake is nearly ready. Judge for yourself whether the cake needs to be left in the oven for a little longer, for example to get a better color.
After 60 minutes open the oven carefully and if necessary with a skewer. check whether the cake is cooked inside. If no dough residues remain on the skewer, the cake is done.
If the color is also good, you can let the cake cool.

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